What a Tidy House Looks Like

Take a look at these three bedrooms. Which one looks like it’s been tidied up using the KonMari Method™?


If you guessed “D,” all of the above, you’re right!

Do you remember the show Trading Spaces that came out in 2000? Two couples would trade homes, and with the help of a “designer,” transform one of the spaces in the other couple’s home. We used to love watching it, but always felt really uneasy when certain designers were in charge (looking at you Hildi). We knew the space they designed would reflect the designer’s outlandish taste, not necessarily the taste or desires of the homeowners. We gasped as they glued straw, flowers, and moss to walls, and put sand on someone’s floor to make a “beach” room. The poor homeowners (I know it was just TV, but still). I remember one episode in particular - the couple who lived in the home hid some of their treasured possessions in the basement. The designer found the silver candlesticks that were used in the couple’s wedding, and spray painted them bright blue. The woman was in tears.

I sometimes wondered if I ever became an interior designer, would I have the same inclination to make everything look the way I wanted it to look?

And honestly, it was in the back of my mind as I became a KonMari Consultant. Would I subconsciously try to make people’s homes look like mine? My style leans towards a minimalist, Scandinavian look. Would I be struggling against my preferences as I guided my clients in their decision-making?

It’s been a year since I launched my business, and I can say that I absolutely love working with people to make their home exactly what THEY want it to be. It’s been gloriously fun working with people who’s styles are vastly different from mine. I appreciate and admire their decorating choices, and am incorporating some of their ideas into my own home. If I tried to make everyone’s home look like mine, I would be bored out of my skull by now. Variety is definitely the spice of life.

And it’s been so much easier than I expected to help people with their style, whether it’s like mine or not. It’s simple - I encourage them to keep what they love, and let go of the rest. What they keep is what they should surround themselves with. And it’s exhilarating to see what emerges from beneath the clutter. It’s like one of those art kits we had as kids - you scratch off the dark covering and discover the beauty underneath.

All this to say- you do you, boo! Uncover and display the treasures that reflect you and it will be gorgeous!

If you want help finding the buried beauty - give me a call! I love treasure hunts!

Our church is hosting a Good Friday service tonight and we’d love to have you join us if you’re in Little Rock!

Happy Tidying and Happy Easter!

If room #3 looks especially welcoming to you and you’re passing through Little Rock, our friend Jennifer has it listed on Airbnb.

Sue Fehlberg is Arkansas’ only Certified KonMari Consultant.