Some of our happy clients...

Before Sue and Carly came along, there was nothing about my house that was homey – let alone a nesting place. Filled as it was with the debris of childhood, college, grad school, family heirlooms, etc... I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of sorting, organizing, and decorating my first home as an adult. Like a reassuring whirlwind of order, the Tidy Nest ladies stepped into my little corner of chaos and helped me transform it into a calm beautiful space for a living and rest. Any concerns I had with regards to bringing strangers into my messy home, or being pressured to become a true minimalist were allayed by Sue and Carly‘s kindness, as well as their concern for my comfort and frame of mind. I lived in a disaster area for two years, and now with the help of Tidy Nest I have a home that gives me confidence and a sense of control over my own life. My only regret is that it took me so long to ask for help!”
— Becca H, Teacher

"A reassuring whirlwind of order"

Oh my GOSH!!!!! Can I just say, say YES to these “MIGHTY TIDY “ girls.
They helped me help me. I got rid of things I’ve been holding onto for who only knows why or how long. They just gently nudge you along in the process, but keep you going at such a great pace that you can achieve goals quickly therefore it’s extremely cost effective in my opinion.
Then at the end they kind of went into decorating mode and I loved that so much it’s like the icing in the cake.
Definitely highly recommended Tidy Nest Company. In fact I have a salon and I referred TN to my clients and now they are becoming fans as well.
— Shelley V, Salon owner
I’m fairly organized but this experience took me to a whole new level. I no longer work full time and kept holding on to clothes that I no longer needed. Sue helped me make decisions and look at the process of ‘letting go’ in a healthy/positive way. Now when I go shopping I have a trimmed down wardrobe that enables me to focus on items I might really need and wear. Sue is encouraging and helped me walk through it with a sense of purpose ... the surprising result is how fun it was to see the results!
— Cathy C